high experimentalism (2015-2020)

X-Peri Mission

From 2015 to 2020, X-Peri’s mission was to continue and to expand upon high experimentalism in text and image, including but not limited to Algorithmics, Asemics, Bricolage, Concrete, Conceptual, Cyborgism, Dadaism, Deconstruction, Digital, Erasure, Ergodic, Flarf, Fluxus, Genomics, Haptic, Hinge, Language, Oulipo, Neoprimitivism, Pataphysics, Postdata, Postconceptualism, Postmodernism, Posthumanism, Poststructuralism, Semiotics, Surrealism, Transhumanism, Uncreative Writing and Vispo.

X-Peri Masthead

Publishers: Daniel Y. Harris & Irene Koronas 

X-Peri History

X-Peri, the word, was invented by Irene Koronas in 2014. X-Peri, the publisher, was founded by Daniel Y. Harris and Irene Koronas in 2015 with the launch of the X-Peri blog, publishing many of the most renowned experimentalists of the era. From 2016  to 2018, X-Peri partnered with the Paris-based publisher, Editions du Cygne, publishing nine X-Peri Series titles. In 2019, X-Peri celebrated its 400th publication. In 2021, after six remarkable years, X-Peri ended. X-Peri is archived below and on the X-Peri Blog.

X-Peri Contributor Archive