Irene Koronas’ Collaboratives include heshe egregore (with Daniel Y. Harris, Editions du Cygne, 2016) and Di./um (with Daniel Y. Harris, Smallminded Books, 2016).


heshe egregore (with Daniel Y. Harris, Editions du Cygne, 2016)



heshe egregore by daniel y harris and irene koronas is a composite unbook of unpoetry engaged with the appropriated concept of male and female archetypes skewing traditional notions of authorship in an unfettered void where authenticity and originality are a shared wiki culture phished scooped reblogged retweed regrammed and reposted ad infinitum for file sharing sampling and trolling in the digital arena of the internet to repurpose words

—maximillian pissante, editor, the unre journal


Daniel Y. Harris & Irene Koronas do not just touch gloves in one of the strangest and most unrestrained attacks on any form of gender inequality—or indeed, the very idea of gender—that I’ve ever encountered.

They pair male and female historical figures, sometimes of this earth (Sid & Nancy) and sometimes not so much (The Devil and the Bride of Frankenstein) and slowly dismantle the coding which makes them so different. This is accomplished through rapid-fire automatism, or what looks like automatism; it takes real creative balls to break horizons like this, and not the variety that sits behind NPR and whatever is meekly new in this arena. Wait till you see Ted Bundy and Aileen Wournos combine in this hybrid language; they eventually become inseparable. A web ladle of human consciousness scorches the page, and they actually know what they are doing, obviously having devoured derrida and all the demurrers. Recommended for those who enjoyed “A Nest of Ninnies” by Ashbery and Schuyler but also want a psychic statement of out and out rebellion.

“Something Beyond Human and Gender Hybrids: A Review by John Allen of heshe egregore” (Edition du Cygne, 2016)


Di./um (with Daniel Y. Harris, Smallminded Books, 2016)



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